Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CryoFX® CO2 Special Effects Company partners with Montreal, Canada SWAT for non-lethal dog attack defense

CryoFX® CO2 Special Effects Company partners with Montreal, Canada SWAT

CryoFX® Co2 Special Effect Company based in San Diego, California is the world wide leader of custom CO2 Smoke Effect Equipment was recently contacted by the Peel Regional Montreal Police Department SWATwith interest in getting a Co2 Cannon Bazooka or Blaster for non-lethal dog attack deterrent.
CryoFX® can customize any co2 stage or handheld special effect equipment to fit your cryo needs.  In the case of the Montreal, Police SWAT team, they were thinking of using the CO2 Cannon Cryo to shoot at attacking canine dogs when the SWAT team is called to enter a property with dogs.
CryoFX® was able to help the Montreal SWAT team with a CO2 Cannon Gun that will shoot cold frozen plumes of smoke and deter attacks from Dogs and other animals non-lethally.
For more information contact a CryoFX® Cryo Expert if you are looking to use theatrical plumes of smoke for your next party or event or if you have a custom application for CryoFX®  in mind.

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