Thursday, March 13, 2014

Co2 Cannons & Cryo Cannons are here!

2014 is the year for Co2 Special Effects! The temperatures are heating up and the events are in the planning process for the summertime! What not a better time than now to jump on board and pickup a Co2 Cannon or a Handheld Cryo Cannon from CryoFX? Offering the largest selection of Cryo Guns, Cryo Jets, and Co2 Jets for sale for anyone who wants to make a difference in their show quality, regardless whether you’re a single performing Dj or a full on Production Company! Whether your budget is large or small, CryoFX has something right for you. 
If your a larger production company or nightclub, you can rest assure CryoFX has what your looking for in terms of Co2 Cannons. Whether you need a custom system, custom length hoses, different types of Cryo Cannons or Co2 Jets, or custom designed manifolds to connect multiple high pressure co2 tanks, the guys at CryoFX will not only provide you with more than enough info, but also price and package your custom requests to fit your budget. Offering their own CryoFX Signature Brand High Pressure Co2 Hose, they can tailor your design just to you, and offer competitive pricing at that. Should you have any questions regarding any Cryo Jet System, the guys at CryoFX can be reached at 8-555-CryoFX, or 855-527-9639.
Should you have a smaller budget or not sure of making a purchase just yet, CryoFX offers Co2 Jets for rent and Co2 Cannons for rent, both of which are also included in their Rent-To-Own Program. Whether a Co2 Jet Rental, Cryo Gun Rental, Co2 Cannon Rental or Cryo Cannon Rental, CryoFX will ensure you are well handled for your event, regardless of where you are located within the United States. If you choose the Rent-To-Own Program, you can use the product on a rental basis and return it as specified if decided against keeping it. On the flip side, if you like it and decide to keep it, you can simply keep it and the rental converts to a sale. However, this is a brief overview and full details can be found at

Companies and Djs all over the US and Worldwide have benefit from the use of a Cryo Cannon or Co2 Cannon. As seen on music videos such as Nicky Romero, in Events such as the one owned by Insomniac, Bassmnt San Diego, CA, live touring acts such as Diplo and Major Lazer, Lil Jon and Krewella, and in the hands of some of the top Djs worldwide such as Carnage, Hardwell, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, and much more, the Cryo Gun, Co2 Jets for sale and Cryo Jets available by CryoFX are the industry standard and choice of the professionals who use them.

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