Friday, March 14, 2014

Co2 Jet Machine or Cryo Jet Machine? It's all the same!

Heading into 2014, the demand for Co2 Effects Equipment is larger than ever! It has almost become the necessity for Clubs, Performances, Concerts and much more to include in their lineups. If you haven't had a chance to experience it, definitely try to make your way into a local venue which has a Co2 Jet Machine, or otherwise known as a Co2 Jet System installed and see first hand how it can cool the venue down drastically, as well as add another dimension to the show! Depending where you go to visit, you will most likely find a CryoFX Co2 Cannon or Cryo Cannon at the heart of the Cryo Jet System you went to see! An easy identifier is the CryoFX trademarked logo or by looking at the Cryo Hose as the hose will most likely be one of CryoFX Signature Brand of High Pressure Cryo Hoses!

As of a few years ago, the popularity of Co2 Jet Systems has widespread across not only the United States, but also the entire world! People from Countries all over are interested in what a Co2 Jet Machine has to offer and how it will benefit their performance. What does one do when interested? Search online would be the first action. Of course online has many outlets and so much information it may be hard to decide which is relevant and which is not, or bogus! At any given point it would be easiest if you could just locate an expert in the field, someone who knows everything there is to know about a Cryo Cannon and how it relates to a Cryo Jet System. Maybe you've looked and maybe you have not. Regardless, we have too, and for the most part, there seems to be only one company who sells only Co2 Cannons and Co2 Jet Systems, also known as Cryo Cannons and Cryo Jet Systems, respectively.

After some drawn out research, CryoFX is the only US based company who only specializes in Co2 Special Effects equipment, and one of the top few in the world! We've found others who carry Co2 Jet Machines however they do not specialize in only Special Effects Co2, they also have split focuses on other special effects areas such as confetti cannons, snow machines, fog machines and more. This may be ok but as a potential customer, when you are dealing with something new, working with a professional who only deals with Co2 is the best route, especially when a company, like CryoFX, focuses only on co2 special effects so they will know all details and information to your questions. 

As we have gathered from searching online, there seems to be many types and styles of Co2 Jet Machines and Cryo Jet Machines. The question is always, which one do I buy? We would recommend choosing a brand name and a Cryo Cannon that is backed by trust, a Co2 Cannon for sale with a warranty and much supporting information from a reputable source that knows what their doing, instead of some one off seller trying to make a quick buck, who will not care about the customer! All in all there are many decisions and choices to make! Just make sure you make the right ones! We have made the wrong ones and have paid the consequences for doing so, and therefore are able to write about it here and hopefully give some good advice so you won't do the same!

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