Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CryoFX® Supplies Custom Special Effects Equipment for Comic-Con 2015

High-quality theatrical performances can create unprecedented levels of excitement for viewers.

July 17, 2015 - SAN DIEGO -- Comic-Con 2015 was a sensational event that featured four information packed days about comics, film-making, iconic characters, cartoons, art forms and exhibits. The event was held downtown at the San Diego Convention Center from July 9, 2015 through July 12, 2015. Comic-Con attendees received detailed information about a variety of productions and about breaking into the entertainment industry.

In its 45th year in San Diego, Comic-Con 2015 showcased hundreds of exhibitors that featured super heroes, costumed characters, movie clips and movie trailers that made the event extremely memorable and exciting.

Popular attractions from the event, such as Batman, Supernatural, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and comic legend Bill Murray kept the action flowing for spectators.


CryoFX® supplied special effects equipment for Comic-Con 2015. As a trusted manufacturer of products for the creation of imitation fog, CryoFX® delivered large quantities of its Co2 Smoke supplies to help stage successful displays of professional theatrical effects.

According to the CEO, Kris Mullins, CryoFX® can provide its branded Co2 equipment and supplies for live events, motion pictures, commercial shoots, corporate events, night clubs and for popular DJs. “CryoFX® was delighted to provide equipment and services for the Comic-Con 2015 event, as the company’s main office is based here in San Diego,” says Kris Mullins.

Contracted by Pop2Life for the “Heroes Interactive Experience,” V Squared Labs used the ultra reliable Co2 Jets from CryoFX®. A custom system consisted of several Swing Jets for enhancing the 3D experience.

Four Swing Jets from CryoFX® were used for special effects. The side-by-side chambers required two CryoFX® Swing Jets per side. For more than eight hours each day, the Swing Jets were fired off every two minutes for one-second increments.  50-pound Co2 tanks were siphoned at a daily rate of 12 tanks per Swing Jet. During the four-day event, a total of 48 CryoFX® 50-pound Co2 tanks were used to create imitation fog. Technicians from CryoFX® were onsite for each of the four days from 8am to 9pm.


The Swing Jets used for Comic-Con 2015, Co2 Blasters, Co2 Cannons, Co2 Smoke Special Effects Systems, Cryo Jets, Cryo Guns Fog Blasters Co2 Launchers, Confetti Blasters and Custom Co2 Products are available from CryoFX® for rent or to purchase.  As a recognized leader in the creation of professional cryogenic special effects equipment and supplies, CryoFX® has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

CryoFX® (cryofx.com)  is a San Diego based CO2 Special Effects Company and is recognized as the world leader in the special effects and entertainment industries. The company has designed, built and installed custom CO2 Cannon Jet Systems for Disney's live-action film ‘Frozen’, Nissan's ‘Ride of Your Life’ commercial, and cryo-cannon or co2cannon for artists such as Toby Mac, Bret Michaels, Hardwell, Lil Jon, and Nicky Romero as well as helped hundreds of DJs and Events cool and entertain the crowd at their parties and events. CryoFX® also sells co2 products online.


If you too are planning to host an event, indoors or outdoors, you can reach out to CryoFX® for any sort of customizable special effects equipment sales and rentals.

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