Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The World Tour: Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil featuring Custom built CryoFX® Co2 Jets

Two world famous bands share one massive stage with CryoFX Co2 Cannons!

Bands Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens Kick Off their World Tour together Featuring CryoFX® Custom built C02 Jets Special Effects

Two popular bands, Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens, are on one amazing World Tour with CryoFX® C02 Cannons. The world tour kicked off on January 23, 2015 in San Diego, California. Their first show was one to remember as the show featured heart- stopping smoke special effects from CO2. The show was held at Viejas Arena at San Diego State University in California. On Friday January 23, 2015 in San Diego, the hometown of the co- headlining band Pierce the Veil, the world tour of Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil kicked off with fans filling up the entire Viejas Arena to see a truly remarkable show featuring smoke special effects from CO2. The stage FX team and the bands worked hard together to put on that breath- taking show, and shows to come on their world tour together.

The CryoFX® team worked hard to set up their Co2 special effect custom equipment, and took a role in setting up the jets that will be used in that show and on the shows to come during the world tour. This team, specializing in special effects, took their time in creating one of the best stage FX shows in all time. The team took the time to strategically place all of the jets around the entire area of the performance stage, and accurately coordinating the precise cue points for the CO2 blasts from the jets to ensure that the show was accurately equipped with the best smoke special effects from CO2. 

Sleeping with Sirens opened up the show, and fans in the arena were mesmerized by the outstanding special effects from the jets. When Sleeping with Sirens performed on stage the fans closest to the stage were cooled down in the hot stage area by the blasts from the Co2 special effect custom equipment. All of the fans that filled the Viejas Arena were completely amazed by the dazzling special effects from the CO2 jets that were placed around the stage. These effects were a wonderful addition to Sleeping with Sirens already outstanding performance. All of the contributing elements of the show came together into one heart- stopping performance at Viejas Arena. Everything in the show from the CO2 jets, subtle fog rolls during the shown and multicolored flashing lights that filled the stage area, and above all the outstanding music played by both bands Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil.

Sleeping with Sirens finished off their set with three of their greatest and most memorable hits. The three songs were their famous You're Audrey Hepburn, If I'm James Dean, and of course If You Can't Hang. Sleeping with Sirens finished their show with their greatest hits, and the absolutely amazing special effects from the CO2 jets and fog. Once Sleeping with Sirens finished their set a thirty minute set change went underway. While setting up the stage for co- headliner band Pierce the Veil the crew members carefully repositioned and strategically placed all of the CryoFX® jets on stage for the upcoming set. Along with repositioning the CO2 jets the crew members set up more CO2 tanks ready for use. The fans in the Viejas Arena waited anxiously for a long thirty minutes until the band Pierce the Veil was finally ready to make their entrance, and perform their set that was bound to be as outstanding as Sleeping with Sirens set performed right before them. Pierce the Veil ran onto the stage to be greeted with numerous blast from the CO2 jets and confetti. The band finally emerged onto the stage, and truly made a Grand Entrance and great introduction for their show.

Pierce the Veil opened their set with some of their biggest hits Bulletproof Love and Caraphernelia. Like the Sleeping with Sirens set, Pierce the Veil's set has outstanding elements that made the whole set come together perfectly into an outstanding performance. The set included great special effects using CO2 jets and subtle fog rolls throughout the set, and it all came together with the amazing music the band played during their set. Later on in the set Pierce the Veil performed their hit King for a Day alongside with the vocalist Kellin Quinn from the band Sleeping with Sirens.

Both bands, Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil, played an absolutely breath- taking show to kick off their world tour. It was not only the music that made that show so great, the CO2 jets also wowed the audience. The CO2 jets special effects made a huge impact during the show on stage. The combination of the music and special effects made their show truly outstanding, and both bands will be performing together for the rest of the show and World Tour along with the CO2 jets and special effects that captivated the audience.
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