Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Empire Of The Sun Uses Custom Co2 Special Effects & Confetti Equipment From CryoFX

With Help from CryoFX, Empire of the Sun Really Shines
Ever since their mega-hit "Walking on a Dream" topped the charts in 2009, Empire of the Sun has been filling clubs and blowing minds all over the world. For their tour beginning in November 2016, the duo wanted to take their live show to new heights. That's why they chose to work with CryoFX, based in San Diego, in designing, planning and executing a killer live effects package.

Empire of the Sun @ The Novo - Using CryoFX Custom Designed Co2 Special Effects and Confetti System!

A Performance with Punch Stars with Planning

Empire of the Sun is a world-class act that demands the highest level of polish. Before getting into the dazzling specifics of Co2 special effects or LED Co2 Jets, CryoFX met with the group's tour/production manager to get a clear idea of their vision for the performance. This first step was critical to getting the live act to blast off like a Co2 cannon!

This initial planning stage fits with CryFX's Concept > Design > Produce > Deliver process, which ensures total satisfaction with how the client's needs are executed. CryoFX follows this process with every customer, from the smallest to the largest. In this preliminary meeting, the parties discussed how to achieve the desired Co2 special effects using Co2 cannons in a way that was technically sound as well as visually stunning. It was also determined that a confetti machine rental would help complete the live experience.

The Right Tools for the Job

Once CryoFX had reached a solid understanding of what the group was looking for, the company started making a list of the technical requirements for the production. From the outset, it was clear that a full roster of equipment would be required: CryoFX Pro Series LED Co2 Jets, custom lengths of CryoFX Co2 Hose, and confetti machine rental for the show at Novo in LA. The confetti machine rental would be taken care of by HollywoodSpecialFX.com, and the confetti itself would come from West Coast Confetti.

As for the Co2 special effects equipment, CryoFX devised a setup with eight 6-channel LED Co2 Jets (CryoFX Pro series), eight custom-cut lengths of CryoFX Co2 Hose, and two Custom Flight Cases with custom molding to secure the LED Co2 Jets for travel. Needless to say, the combined effect of all this gear is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

A Stunning Success

As anyone who attended Empire of the Sun's performance at Novo can attest, the presence of Co2 cannons—and accompanying lighting and confetti—make for a fantastic experience. Plumes of light-changing mist and forceful jets that sync with the beat give the act a sense of mystery and exuberance that you have to see to believe. And as the group continues their tour across the country, audiences everywhere will feel the excitement that the band's music, combined with the magic touch of CryoFX, brings to life.

Do you want to get a better idea of how CryoFX can take your event—from the smallest to the biggest—to the next level? Check out the CryoFX website for more details.