Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Phase of Special Effects Given by Handheld CO2 Gun

If you are a mobile DJ or a nightclub owner, then absolutely you're seeking methods to bring in party individuals in and make your club the go-to party place, right? Well, all that you should do is have a handheld Cryo gun or CO2 jet gun and problem solve. CryoFX which is the best manufacturer of portable Cryo Jet Guns and top of the line CO2 Guns, have been the most favored by lots of bars, clubs and also mobile DJs in America. For a luxurious and great performance of your gig that would make an impression on your viewers, making use of Cryo special effects could be significant. You can handle the entire effects, straight from vanishing clouds to reducing the temperature quickly.
CryoFX Co2 Gun

Allow these Handheld CO2 Gun amplify the fun with dazzling-effects through the night while your doing your part of getting your crowd surprised and shocked by your performance. As a result of special effects made by CO2 Cryo guns, popular entertainment celebrities like Pussycat Dolls and Afrojack are acquiring these services for their shows. The CryoFX company produces mobile Cryo guns and portable co2 jet systems that supply up-to-date Handheld Cryo Guns and Cryo jets that are created to make astounding visual effects. Sports team and media productions choose to make use of this CryoFX CO2 because of its cooling ability applied in the entire place within seconds. You are able to reduce the room temperature around 15-30 seconds by just using the Handheld Cryo Guns which will create a single burst of a super cold fog all over the room. Consequently, they've been a trend among elite night clubs and bars in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. Also, huge crowds are in addition cooled off where they toss in limited number of air conditioners.

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A Summary on Handheld Cryo Guns

In the past, making effects was feasible with LN2 systems, but in these modern times, liquid CO2 is commonly utilized. The primary reasons why CO2 is the selection of many includes the simple truth that it is less expensive but still provides better outcomes in making special effects. There is a greater affordability of Hand held Cryo Guns than some other units. It is because their concept is simple and effortless. Handheld Cryo Cannons may be sourced from a lot of avenues worldwide which includes United Kingdom, Asia, China, or Japan producers but for the best quality more reliable units, America has companies like CryoFX to go to for your purchasing. In the industry of Handheld Cryo Guns manufacturing, CryoFX takes the lead.

From the day they have began their business a few years ago up until today, they have never failed in delivering their clients in America and from some other areas of the world with state-of-the-art Cryo Jet Products. The best selling items they provide are the Dual Nozzle CO2 Blasters, Handheld Cryo Guns, CO2 Jets, CO2 Cannons, CO2 Bazookas and many other models can be seen online; The business employed just the experienced experts to craft all the Cryo Guns by hand to assure maximum durability and functionality therefore the product can stand against the ages. This isn't fraud; as a matter of fact, CryoFX is making a name in the Handheld Cryo Cannons manufacturing as many of the enthusiasts are becoming head-over-heels with their untamed performances during live shows. As a result, numerous business firms are making use of the said product because of its exceptional product warranty. Log on to to know which shops that offer these fine quality Handheld Cryo Guns and accessories. Aside from that, you can also understand what makes this company the top manufacturer of Quality Handheld Cryo Guns which is a good addition for sports teams, events and movie productions.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Co2 Jet Rental - Cryo Jet Rental

Many people wonder where you can find a co2 jet rental / cryo jet rental company in the United States. Whether your on the east coast or the west, finding the right place that has the option to rent co2 jets can be a little tough. After some time searching you will eventually come across CryoFX, which offers a full line of co2 jets for rent in Los Angeles and California, as well as San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

  When selecting a co2 jet rental company you want to be sure that not only the prices are fair but also the knowledge of the products is present. Many Cryo Jet rental companies will rent co2 jets and handheld Cryo guns and inform you of the basics, but when you have a question regarding a specific detail or how to setup a Co2 Jet System that you've just rented, the answers you receive may be vague or misleading. This shouldn't scare you completely but should be a concern when initially choosing a Cryo jet rental as safety should be first and foremost.

  Due to the fact co2 jet rentals can be used for almost any application, selecting a Cryo Jet Rental company, such as CryoFX, that has a wide variety of knowledge is always a plus. This would include applications such as the obvious; Djs, Nightclubs, And Bars and also the non obvious; Movies, Theaters, Schools, etc. As shown, the wider variety of events a co2 jet rental company has actually setup and assisted in, instead of just renting the gear to the client, the more knowledgeable the employees as well as the company as a whole is as they have had the opportunity to trouble shoot, work with, and overcome many obstacles a setup location may present.

  Another huge factor in selecting a Cryo Jet rental company is obviously if they are close to pickup the equipment. If the company is not close enough this might be a determining factor whether you can actually rent the co2 jets or not. Another benefit to renting from a co2 jet rental company such as CryoFX is their ability to ship the gear to you regardless of where you are located within the United States. Under their rent-to-own program you can essentially rent the gear with no obligation to buy. The rental is charged per day and you can return the co2 jets whenever you want. Of course, once the rental rate equals the cost of the product, there would be no need to return it as you would now officially own it! Having a Cryo jet rental with the option to buy is a great way to test the product in a live setting without being locked into actually purchasing it. There have been many times when those have wanted any type of equipment and only get to test it in a store or controlled environment but when you buy it, it is simply not the same as when you saw it in the store. Therefore CryoFX has created this rent-to-own program so your co2 jet rental can be tested in real-time, real-location settings!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The many names of a CO2 Jet - Cryo Cannon

When talking about a CO2 Jet, you may have heard many names used before or you may have not. Whether you have or not, we will clarify some of the confusion here and get the nitty gritty on what each of the names means and how they relate to what you has become the focal point of todays special effects industry for both DJs and Professional Events. When searching for a Cryo Cannon online you may have seen "CO2 Jet Blaster", "Handheld Cryo Gun", "Cryo Jet", or "C02 Jet" and have instantly become confused as to what the difference is between them.

First off, there is a difference between each one and therefore some things should be taken into account before following through with a click on that link titled "CO2 Jets For Sale". Essentially you have two categories, mounted and non-mounted jets, otherwise called handheld units. The handheld cryo gun falls into this category as by its name and of course its build since it is more like a fog sprayer than anything else. The mounted category contains the rest of the names mentioned above, Cryo Cannon, C02 Jet, CO2 Jet Blaster, Cryo Jet, and CO2 Jet. As a side note, all the units here fall under the special effects category and are used for special fx only.

So now onto the difference between the 5 names that sound so much alike. To start, a CO2 Jet, mistyped C02 Jet with a zero before the 2, is merely a piece of equipment that sprays Liquid Carbon Dioxide out of it to create white fog that is very cold. CO2 is the proper abbreviated name which has something to do with the checmical makeup, therefore displaying the 2 in the name (ex. CO2 Cannon). A CO2 Jet Blaster is simply a CO2 Jet, but can be a higher output model, hence the "Blaster" at the end. For Cryo Cannon and Cryo Jet, these are names which have come to attention as the word "Cryo" means "Cold" or "Of Low Temperature". So when used in names such as Handheld Cryo Gun, Cryo Cannon, and Cryo Jet it is referring to low temperature output of what the unit will be spraying.

Having clarified the nomenclature of the names, we have a better understanding of what means what. With this said, and to get very technical with it, a CO2 Jet would be different from a Cryo Jet in the sense that the first deals with CO2 only and the second deals with anything cold. The same would go for Cryo Cannon and CO2 Cannon as well. We've already covered the mistype of C02 Jet so that's handled and out of the way. The CO2 Jet Blaster being a higher output model of a regular jet covers that name. The Handheld Cryo Gun name suggests it can sprray anything cold, but should only be used for spraying liquid carbon dioxide and not Liquid Nitrogen or anything else as it could ruin the machine. Another pointer to be made about this name is a Cryo Gun is also used in the medical field to freeze skin defects such as warts. You will want to make sure you are getting a special effects model such as the one pictured here at