Friday, November 9, 2012

Can CO2 - (Carbon Dioxide) really be used for Special Effects and is it SAFE?

Carbon dioxide is naturally found compound, which is combination of two atoms namely Carbon and Oxygen that forms CO2 gas which has some properties of odorless, tasteless and colorless. The gas CO2 has more to do with every aspect of our natural life and it is well revealed by the scientific research highlighting the importance of CO2. Since the beginning of the universe we are benefited from CO2 through various forms such as exhaling of the gas help plants around us to grow properly. Today, in the case with CO2, it is utilized in various applications such as fire extinguishers, hospitals, soda machines and many more. Moreover, the use of CO2 in our daily life is ever increasing in time with various applications. In addition to this, CO2 is also used in various entertainment areas such as plays, concerts, special effects and much more, where the name of the gas is known as CO2, Cryo or Cryogenics due to its low temperature. From here, Cryo as an element has been widely used because of its fine qualities, which are very helpful for many reasons.
CO2 Jet, LED Cryo Jet, Handheld Cryo GunCryo is a special effect that is produced in the air by bursting or shooting the thickly formed white clouds out of a Cryo Gun, also known as a Cryo Bazooka, Cryo Cannon, and Cold Fogger. This system is supported by the usage of the liquid form of CO2.  The process can also be referred to as “Shooting Plumes of Cryo Clouds”, in which “plumes” depicts the similarities as that of fog. The difference though, is Cryo or Co2 does not linger and does not stay behind leaving residue which fog tends to do.
Some CO2 systems contain Jet units of Cryo FX CO2, which are independent and have the capacity of blasting the Cryo fog into the air with considerable pressure. The design of the CO2 Jets is formed around user convenience, making the CO2 Jets installable on different locations such as walls, floors or any other area as per requirement. The operator could, then easily use the CO2 jet units, or also known as CO2 Cannons, to spray at specific directions. With some CO2 Cannons, the user can move the nozzle by DMX control while the CO2 Cannon sprays. The control of the CO2 system is based on two options; ON/OFF switching and DMX 512. When activated, the CO2 System releases CO2 once the operator activates the control of the CO2 Jets. In normal conditions the system remains in the OFF state. After operator activates the CO2 Jets, the Cryo fog will start spreading out within a few seconds. The formation of fog is based on the humidity factor, the more humidity is, the thicker fogs will be generated and thus it will take more time to dissipate. CO2 has special quality of leaving no extra elements and it doesn’t set off alarms in smokes detectors such as fog would. If the CO2 Jet is hung among a group of people in a Nightclub, Bar, or Production, the CO2 System will lower the temperature to a considerable level with in 4 to 6 seconds.
CO2 Systems from CryoFX come with all necessary accessories and fittings required for operation. CryoFX offers many CO2 Jets including moving head Cryo Jets, Cryo Cannon LED jets and other handheld units such as Cryo Bazooka, Cryo Cannon, Kryo Gun, Dual Barrel Cryo Blaster and many more. The Co2 Fog from LED Cryo Jet acts like fire when its LED settings are red or orange light. CryoFX CO2 Jet system can be used by plugging into common outlets such as 110vac or 220vac with many various types of plugs. CryoFX products have a unique feature of establishing the safe pressure of no more than 1500 psi and the temperature level of -40 Degree Fahrenheit. The CO2 Jet system comes with everything installed having proper connections from CryoFX. More information on various units of high pressure and low-pressure tanks can be obtained from
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cryo CO2 Jet Systems – Where to Buy Guide

Liquid CO2 has taken over traditional liquid nitrogen or LN2 systems as the element of choice for many special effects. This is because carbon dioxide is cheaper, easier to manufacture and a more effective medium for creating high quality effects. CO2 Jet Systems are cheaper because it is readily available and could be produced easier. CO2 Jet Systems can be sourced from many places worldwide including United Kingdom, Asia, China, or Japan manufacturers but for higher quality more reliable systems, the United States has companies such as CryoFX to turn to for your purchasing.
CryoFX Logo
CryoFX is a recognized leader in the manufacture of high quality CO2 Jet Systems. The company was started in 2010 and has since provided inexpensive and cutting-edge Cryo Jet Systems to customers in the United States and Worldwide. Popular models include Handheld Cryo Guns, Dual Nozzle CO2 Blasters, CO2 Jets, CO2 Bazookas, CO2 Cannons and many more available on their website:
All CO2 Jet Systems are manufactured from high quality components that are designed for maximum durability and performance. Each CO2 system is cased in a black, sleek, steel casing. Years of use and abuse on the concert road have become a testament to CryoFX becoming a leader in the manufacture and retail of quality CO2 Jet Systems. Their customer service and warranty guarantee remains to be the best in the industry and has become a standard in delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction.
CryoFX remains to be a leader in supplying quality CO2 Jet Systems to sports teams, night clubs and movie productions. So the next time you’re shopping for a top-notch CO2 Jet System, visit for more information.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun – Portable Special Effects Solution & Must Have for DJs!

   Searching for a cool way to instantly bring your next DJ or nightclub session to a higher level? If you’re a mobile DJ or a nightclub owner then purchasing a handheld Cryo gun or CO2 jet system might be the special effect you’re searching for.
CryoFX Cryo GunHandheld Cryo guns and high-end Cryo CO2 systems by CryoFX have been the choice of special effect devices to clubs, bars, and mobile DJs across the United States. Spice up your next night session by bringing the power of Cryo special effects into your next event. Instantly create vanishing cold clouds at your show and watch how this cool effect lowers the temperature of any venue at amazing levels in short periods of time. Leave your audience in awe and wanting more as these Cryo Gun systems create dazzling-effects all-night long.
CryoFX is a recognized leader and major supplier of handheld Cryo guns and portable co2 jet systems to some of the biggest names in the business. These CO2 Cryo guns have been used by major concert artists such as Pussycat Dolls and Afrojack. CryoFX supplies cutting edge CO2 jet systems and Cryo jets that are designed to produce some of the most stunning special effects.
CryoFX CO2 Bazookas (Cryo Guns) are also widely used by countless sports teams and media organizations. Its clientele includes; movie and tv shoots such as Scary Movie 5 and Total Blackout, the NFL, high schools, colleges, universities and many more. Included in the list are high-end nightclubs and bars around the world including clubs statewide in Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York to name a few. Some venues cannot keep up with cooling off large crowds with their limited air conditioners. Special use of Cryo CO2 Jet Systems include a super cold fog or cloud that instantly drops a venue’s temperature giving a soothing effect to the crowd. A short burst from a Cryo Gun or CO2 Jet system instantly lowers room temperature by approximately 15-30 degrees.
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