Thursday, April 17, 2014

CryoFX Co2 Jets at Coachella Main Stage 2014

Coachella 2014 is bigger and badder than ever! In keeping on board with the latest trends within the production industry, what more appropriate would it be to incorporate Co2 Jets and Co2 Cannons?! Rewind a few weeks ago and your smack in the middle of pre-production for one of the largest all around music festivals in the United States. Here, the idea became a reality when CryoFX was contacted and an order was placed for a large quantity of Co2 Canons, more specifically the CryoFX Co2 Jet DMX 512 ( Soon after the order was placed, 1 day soon, the Cryo Cannons were on their way to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

CryoFX Co2 Jet DMX 512 x 8 Coachella Main Stage 2014
CryoFX Co2 Jet DMX 512 x 8 Coachella Main Stage 2014 - 40+ Feet High

Local production crews and production staff received the Co2 Jets (also named Cryo Canons) and set them up accordingly. Setup finished just in time for weekend 1 of Coachella Music Festival 2014. Weekend 2 of Coachella is still a day away, but there's no doubt that it will be as eventful, if not more, than weekend 1. After review of Coachella 2014 weekend 1, it was apparent that the Co2 Jets were a hit as they appeared front and center for Calvin Harris closing out weekend 1 on the Main Stage. Billboard did a great job of describing the event, and included a great image as well:

Calvin Harris Coachella 2014 Main Stage - CryoFX Co2 Jets
Calvin Harris Coachella 2014 Main Stage - CryoFX Co2 Jets made the night!

Coachella 2014 not only incorporated Co2 Cannons but also made sure to have a CryoFX Handheld Cryo Gun (co2 club cannon). This white version of one of the best selling and most used Handheld Cryo Cannons in the industry may be seen in the hands of some of the top artists who are performing at Coachella Music Festival.  In viewing the first round of the 2 weekend music festival, the photos surface online and the Cryo Cannons can be seen with Lana Del Rey, Calvin Harris,  and Krewella to name a few. For more info on Co2 Jets at Coachella 2014 Main Stage  please visit

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LED Co2 Jets and LED Cryo Gun in Don Diablo's "Starlight" music video

EDM, or electronic dance music has made its way as one of the most likened music genres to date. Following the more popular songs, by nature, is a music video.  These videos can range from animated to actuality, and sometimes don't even relate to the video or content it represents. Countering this, are videos that correlate with the genre the songs takes after. This is such with the video Starlight by Don Diablo.

Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX LED Co2 Cannons
Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX LED Co2 Cannons

Produced in early 2014 by a very talented and highly respected Kyle Padilla, the video showcases two lovers that are taken back to certain times via memories. What the video also showcases is CryoFX co2 jets and a few handheld co2 cannons. To be specific, depending on the scene shot, four LED Co2 Jet Machines and two LED Co2 Cannons (also known as Cryo LED Gun or LED Cryo Gun) were used. The video included co2 special effects and co2 jet systems in a few different scenes. The first, not by order of sequence, showed four LED Co2 Jet machines in the background of the club rave scene. You can see the clouds of co2 spraying in the background over the dancing crowd while these clouds are lot by colored LEDs, which if course are built into the co2 cannon.

Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX LED Co2 Jet
Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX LED Co2 Jet

In another scene the same LED Co2 Jet machines are shown at the wedding scene spraying upward after the two lovers are married. Here you can see the co2 jets without the LEDs. In another scene of Don Diablo's Starlight video appears another led co2 cannon. A girl is shown spraying CryoFX LED Cryo Gun (Cryo LED Gun) while she dances on the stage.

Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX Cryo LED Gun
Don Diablo - Starlight with CryoFX Cryo LED Gun

These two scenes stand out more than other however they are not the only scenes showing the use of co2 special effects. Other co2 jet systems were used during production which appear in other snippets of the video. Much more effects and led co2 cannons were also used, including many takes on all scenes with the handheld Cryo gun, however these didn't make it past post production due to some changes along the way. Regardless, the video and images will be available soon and will be viewable online in a short time to come.

For more info on Don Diablo - Starlight please video the video here:

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