Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is a Co2 Cannon?

Many talks and debates have risen to the names of certain items and whether or not these names are specific to any certain brand or model. In particular, co2 cannon. So what exactly is a co2 cannon? Well, in the industry of Co2 Special Effects there are many names used loosely to describe different products. Here we will use the handheld Cryo gun as an example for case and point. Names such as Co2 Gun, Cryo Cannon, Co2 Cannon (also C02 Cannon), Cryo Pistol, and Handheld Co2 Jet have been used. Variations in spelling have also been seen such as Cryo Canon, Co2 Canon, C02 Cannon, and C02 Canon, which all use one "N" instead of two in the later of the two worded name.

As you can see, with all the names circulating online, things can get confusing. What's not confusing is that, regardless of the names used to label any specific product, the term Co2 Cannon actually depicts an effect and a style of special effects products used within a event". Going back to basics, when dissecting the two word phrase, "cannon" labels the type of product and effect, a device that ejects or shoots matter out of itself such as Cryo Cannon, Co2 Cannon, Cryo Canon, Co2 Canon, Cryo Jet or Handheld Co2 Jet. The first part of the phrase "co2" labels the type of gas. So when combined, Co2 Cannon, regardless spelled with two "N's" or one (Co2 Canon), is used to describe, in general, a special effect style apparatus used to shoot effects such as fog, co2, or confetti within a event.

When reviewing the creation and progression of certain terms such as C02 Cannon, foreign countries outside the United States and overseas such as Brazil, France, and others within European Union, have taken credit for first use of these terms. Whereas the term Cryo Gun originated in the medical field naming the type of apparatus that freezes by method of spraying liquid co2 (used commonly to freeze warts off), this same term made its way to the special effects industry as the product used within co2 special effects also sprays liquid co2, so essentially the two uses are very similar but different methods of use, different industries, and of course, with special effects co2, the Cryo Gun sprays much much more co2 out.

Moving forward in time, after the Cryo Gun has made a name for itself in the co2 special effects business, people in other countries would start searching for it online. These search terms weren't always "Cryo Gun" as people in other countries call items such as "Gun" a different name. Furthermore slang progressed, terms got intermixed, and before you know it, a simple two word phrase now took on many names. And it didn't stop there, as these searches broadened to include the usage and venues used. One of the more popular to come about, Co2 Cannon, similarly Co2 Canon. Other terms such as Cryo Cannon also spelled Cryo Canon, Co2 Cannon or Co2 Canon (even C02 Cannon) have been used as the word Cannon takes the place of Gun when used in other countries. The same with Pistol and Jet as seen with Cryo Pistol, Co2 Pistol or Handheld Co2 Jet and Handheld Cryo Jet.

As you can see things can get pretty tricky with names of co2 special effects products. Things can also get confusing with the settings they are used in and the type of products as well. Hopefully we have cleared up some confusion here, so in the future if you happen to be searching for a Co2 Cannon or Co2 Canon, you'll be ready to be bombarded with so many different options! You'll also know the spelling differences from Cryo Cannon and Cryo Canon and Co2 Cannon to Co2 Canon / C02 Cannon. You'll also know that a Handheld Co2 Jet and Cryo Jet will lead to similar items and to sum it all up, you'll finally see for yourself that a Co2 Cannon is the basic phrase used for a event style effect!

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