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Artist such as Nervo, Adventure Club, Krewella, and more in the Forever Festival 2014 uses custom built CryoFX® CO2 Jets

Artist such as Nervo,  Adventure Club, Krewella, and more in the Forever Festival 2014 uses custom built CryoFX® CO2 Jets

CryoFX® Co2 Smoke Cannon Jets shoot Plumes of Smoke

                CryoFX® custom built Co2 Cannon smoke special effect jets made the Forever Festival 2014 unforgettable. The Forever Festival in Detroit Michigan took place on September 19th and 20th earlier this year. The whole festival gave fans the time of their lives at this famous yearly event with the perfect combination of some of the most infamous names in dance music, and CryoFX® CO2 jets smoke special effects. This event gave the fans at the Detroit, Michigan Forever Festival an unforgettable experience.

                Some of the most well-known names and groups in dance music were featured in the Forever Festival. A few groups that performed in this annual festival were Caked Up, Nervo, 3LAU, and Krewella. The Forever Festival is described by the people who organize it every year as “embodying the five elements of evolution that create and regenerate infinitely”. The Forever Festival is known to evolve, and get more creative with each passing year. The Forever Festival tries each year to embrace new creativity, and give the fans a feel for the next stage of evolution, and this year that included the use of CryoFX®Custom CO2 special effect jets for evolutionary smoke effects using CO2.

CryoFX® CO2 Cannon Jets shoot Plumes of Frozen Smoke

CryoFX® CO2 Custom Built Equipment for Stages

                The CO2 jets that CryoFX® custom designed, built and installed is one of the aspects in this year’s Forever Festival that showed the festivals constant evolution, and gave the fans a truly exhilarating experience. On the first night of this year’s Forever Festival gave the artists that performed chilling touch to the audience. Famous names in dance music Nervo and Adventure Club took to the stage on the first night of the legendary festival, and definitely gave the audience a refreshing and chilling performance with the use of perfectly placed CO2 jets provided by non- other than the CryoFX® Co2 expert team that worked hard before the festival to precisely place each jet to ensure the performance was spectacular. Along with after each performance carefully repositioning and precisely placing each jet to accompany the amazing music by the artist to come together into each individual outstanding performance. What better way to show case the Forever Festival’s continuing stages of evolution, and give the fans an experience they will never forget.

                During the rest of the Forever Festival other artists performed  on the stage accompanied by custom built CryoFX® CO2 Cannon jets from CryoFX® to give their performances completely revolutionized smoke effects.   Artists such as Krewella, 3LU, and Caked Up also took the stage of the Forever Festival 2014. This year’s festival featured some of the most famous artists in dance music that were accompanied on stage by the freezing CryoFX® CO2 Cannon jets to show music fans in Detroit, Michigan that evolution never stops. Giving the fans a night to remember forever; and give the fans a freezing, evolutionary, top quality stage performance for all the artists that performed both nights of the festival. Both nights will never be forgotten, and again this year the Forever Festival displayed that they can showcase evolution each and every year. 

Maintaining a relentless pursuit toward the development of Co2 Smoke Equipment and Supplies, CryoFX® can fabricate or manufacture Customized Co2 Cannon Jet Systems for any indoor or outdoor event. To wow the crowd with frozen liquid Co2, theatrical elements that respond to music and lighting or for customized Co2 Equipment contact a CryoFX® representative for more details at (619) 855-2796.  As a recognized leader in the creation of professional cryogenic special effects equipment and supplies, CryoFX® has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

CryoFX® ( is a San Diego based CO2 Special Effects Company and is recognized as the world leader in the special effects and entertainment industries. The company has designed, built and installed custom CO2 Cannon Jet Systems for Disney's live-action film ‘Frozen’, Nissan's ‘Ride of Your Life’ commercial, and cryo-cannon or co2 cannon for artists such as Toby Mac, Bret Michaels, Hardwell, Lil Jon, and Nicky Romero as well as helped hundreds of DJs and Nightclubs cool and entertain the crowd at their parties and events. CryoFX® also sells co2 products online.

If you too are planning to host an event, indoors or outdoors, you can reach out to CryoFX® for any sort of customizable special effects equipment sales and rentals.

CryoFX® Custom Built CO2 Special Effects Stage Equipment

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