Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Video Production of The HUM featured Stunning CryoFX® Co2 Special Effects Cannon Jets

 The Video Production of The HUM featured Stunning CryoFX® Co2 Special Effects Cannon Jets

Creating music videos is not as easy as it seems. It requires the perfect combination of a story being told, and synchronization. Producers can add a variety of special effects to make the music and performance in the video remarkable. In order to pull off shooting the perfect video that will stand the test of time, and amaze fans takes a great amount of hard work and dedication from not only the performers but the people behind the scenes. These people include the sound engineers, video production crew, and of course the CryoFX® Special Effects experts that are always ready to exceed expectations in spectacular special effects.

Ummet Ozcan, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike joined forces to record and shoot the official music video for  The HUM on the third week of April. The setting was perfect for this incredible video taking place in a fancy pool party that was being held at a huge beautiful mansion located in Upland, California. The leading special effects and special effects equipment team was on set to provide the best in smoke special effects. Throughout the whole music video cold freezing blasts of liquid Co2 was blasted through Co2 cannons at all the right times. 

The CryoFX® team used some of the best special effects equipment including Co2 jets, night co2 cannons, and Co2 cannons to incredibly enhance the video’s already existing wow- factors. The cannons and jets were expertly used to effectively enhance the impact and aesthetics for both the dancers and the guests featured in the video. Hollywood stars Charlie Sheen and Jean Claude Wan Damme( martial arts specialists in Hollywood films) were also featured in this unforgettable music video. Also, the music video producers decided to include an elephant, crocodile, and charming monkey into the pool party scene that ran until early hours in the morning.

The goal of the record label “Smash the House” was to tell a fun, and party filled elaborate party with a huge crowd of people having the time of their lives. This video took a substantial amount of time to complete to perfection. In order to ensure the smoke special effects were as incredible as they could possibly be;  the CryoFX® experts had to put in countless hours of preparation and hard work. CryoFX® had four technicians and two full video crews on site 11 hours prior to shooting scenes for the video, and the special effects teams worked non-stop to get this done. 

The CryoFX® experts were charged with the long tasks of fully setting up, testing the equipment, operating the equipment, the video shoot operation, relocation of the equipment to another setting area of the video, testing once again, and taking down all of the equipment. All of this required hard work and dedication from all of the CryoFX® crew members.

The CryoFX® team was hired on to provide full service Co2 jets and cannons for smoke special effects for the video shooting of HUM. The CryoFX® team perfectly arranged the jets and cannons to give a breath- taking absolutely unforgettable performance by both the special effects team and performers. The CryoFX® team used 12 of their specialized highly powered equipment that included six Co2 jets( two CryoFX® LED Cannons and four CryoFX® DMX 512 Co2 cannons). The video also featured hand held products including a CryoFX® cryo Bazooka and a CryoFX® Handheld Co2 cannon. The CryoFX® team also made use of the imitation fog to create series of chilling effects throughout the video. 

CryoFX® has a variety of different products for special effects such as highly bright multicolored lights, sound bursts, and imitation fog to provide various smoke special effects, CryoFX® has offices in major cities Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles. CryoFX® actively and effectively provides smoke special effects equipment to events requiring smoke special effects including theme parks, club and bar owners, movie directors, and entertainers. CryoFX® works to provide the best chilling and thrilling smoke special effects.

Maintaining a relentless pursuit toward the development of Co2 Smoke Equipment and Supplies, CryoFX® can fabricate or manufacture Customized Co2 Cannon Jet Systems for any indoor or outdoor event. To wow the crowd with frozen liquid Co2, theatrical elements that respond to music and lighting or for customized Co2 Equipment contact a CryoFX® representative for more details at (619) 855-2796.  As a recognized leader in the creation of professional cryogenic special effects equipment and supplies, CryoFX® has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

CryoFX® ( is a San Diego based CO2 Special Effects Company and is recognized as the world leader in the special effects and entertainment industries. The company has designed, built and installed custom CO2 Cannon Jet Systems for Disney's live-action film ‘Frozen’, Nissan's ‘Ride of Your Life’ commercial, and cryo-cannon or co2 cannon for artists such as Toby Mac, Bret Michaels, Hardwell, Lil Jon, and Nicky Romero as well as helped hundreds of DJs and Nightclubs cool and entertain the crowd at their parties and events. CryoFX® also sells co2 products online.

If you too are planning to host an event, indoors or outdoors, you can reach out to CryoFX® for any sort of customizable special effects equipment sales and rentals.


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