Friday, July 31, 2015

CryoFX® Gives a Whole New Meaning to Electronic Friday’s at the San Diego County Fair of 2015

CryoFX® Gives a Whole New Meaning to Electronic Friday’s at the San Diego County Fair of 2015

CryoFX®, the leader of Co2 Special Effect Custom Stage Jets, gave a whole new meaning to the electronic Fridays at the live entertainment performances at the San Diego County Fair 2015. The San Diego County Fair always aims to continue making electric Fridays an electrifying success among the people that attend the event. CryoFX® made sure that the electronic Friday’s continued to be a success, and gave the 1.5 million people that attended an electrifying and freezing special effects performance. The San Diego County Fair’s Electric Fridays was hosted by non- other than San Diego’s ENERGY 103.7.

The electric event featured some of the most well- known producers and DJ’s in the country. These artists put on an incredible show, and got the audience dancing with their sick beats. One of ENERGY’s DJ’s, Kyle Flesch, performed each night at the fair’s Electric Fridays. While the DJ’s and producers performing out on a spectacular show the CryoFX®  special effects brought together the already stunning event and gave it that special effect needed to cool and entertain the crowd. The CryoFX®stage production experts, arranged and set up Co2 jet cannons specifically for the event to display outstanding smoke special effects.  The Co2 equipment was custom designed and manufactured for this particular stage.

The First Friday June 12, 2015

Three DJ’s performed at the first event held at the Ford Dealers Paddlock Stage. These fantastic DJ’s were Cosmur (a 20 year old up and rising producer from California) and LeSound (an amazingly talented DJ all the way from France), and ENERGY’s very own Kyle Flesch. All DJ’s and producers delivered outstanding beats, and terrific performances. Of course, these performances were accompanied by CryFX® Co2 special effects. The whole evening came together with the combination of amazing DJ’s, and CryoFX® Co2 special effects. The CryoFX® team of experts set up imitation fog to roll out throughout the evening to set the mood, and four CryoFX® DMX 512 Co2 Cannon jets. These jets and fog were used throughout the evening, and kicked off the start off Electric Fridays at the San Diego County Fair 2015 along with the performances on state of talented DJ’s and producers.

Friday June 19, 2015

To kick off the start of another Electric Friday at Ford Dealers Paddlock Stage two amazing, SteevieWild and ZOOFUNKTON, DJ’s combined with CryoFX® special effects blew up the stage with contagious energy from the DJ’s.  The audience was cooled down by the four LED jets going off throughout the night, and the imitation fog that gave the crowd chilling excitement. Also, another DJ made a surprise appearance, DJ Deorro, and he was given a custom Cryo Hand Held gun to excite the audience.

Friday July 3, 2015

The last weekend of the Electric Fridays was kicked off with performances by DJ LeSound and Kicks N Licks. The CryoFX® team equipped the stage with Co2 smoke , and custom Co2 equipment to thrill the audience. The combination of these two very talented artists, and CryoFX® smoke special effects gave the audience one final electrifying show to remember.

Through the entire San Diego County Fair 2015, the CryoFX® expert team showed extreme dedication and hard work to provide custom special effects equipment to thrill the people attending the fair; and professionally operating the Cryo special effects systems. CryoFX®  is truly the leader in the special effects industry. CryoFX® has products available for rent, and purchase online at . The company has specifically designed and built custom Co2 cannon jet systems for a Nissan Commercial “Ride of your Life” and Disney Film “Frozen”. Also for artist including Lil Jon, Bret Michaels, Toby Mac, Nicky Romero, and Hardwell.  CryoFX® has helped many clients make spectacular performances using Co2 special effects.

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